Our company strictly observes the applicable legislation in relation to the protection of personal information of natural persons. Below you will find full information in relation to the collection and processing of your personal information by our company.

a) Creating a User Account

i) You may create a user account and become a member of our website, so that you may enjoy optimum member services and privileges as well as check the history of your orders. The information you enter in the special form of the company remain in the system. All details requested are necessary, relevant and appropriate for the conduction of the transaction between us. A necessary action is also setting and using your own secret password for your User Account, which you must keep safe on your own responsibility. We recommend that you change your password at regular intervals. In any case you are to inform us via e-mail in the event of password loss, leakage, non authorized use or access to your User Account. Otherwise, any action or omission occurring in relation to the usage of your secret password shall reasonably be regarded by the Company as stemming from you.

ii) You have the ability to close your Account by sending a relevant request at: info@flip2store.gr Attention: this request must be sent to our Company via the email stated upon your registration as a member.

b) Registration of correct personal information

The personal information you provide to the company is necessary so that the company may contact you regarding its execution of obligations towards you, as well as the completion of the offer for sale of the products you submitted to the company as well as the settlement of orders you have submitted through the online-system. For this purpose you ought to communicate to us information that is completely accurate and up to date. The company makes every possible effort to ensure the receipt of correct information from you and therefore, once you have filled in the required information, you are asked to check this information before sending it to the company along with your explicit consent. Consequently, the company shall in no way be held liable if any of its contractual or legal obligations are not properly and/or promptly fulfilled due to the provision of incorrect personal data on your part.

In particular, any notification or communication sent to the email address you have provided either through the filling-in of the questionnaire according to article 2.2. above or through the creation of a user account for the conduction of a fast buy shall be considered valid even if it is not delivered to you due to an error in the details stated by you and/or due to technical or other failure of your server, and/or phone, and/or your telecommunications service provider and/or due to a change of your details (in case you have not timely informed us). Our company does not proceed to any form of identification of the details you state except for the identification mentioned in article 2.2. above during the pick-up of the product for inspection at our Facilities by the user and therefore is not liable for the details in any way.

c) Explicit consent

By completing and registering your personal details you give your explicit consent to the lawful collection and processing of your personal data for the purposes mentioned above, of which you were notified through these terms and conditions.
The order to save your details constitutes your explicit consent to the processing described above.

d) Privacy policy

Personal data is collected solely through you in the context of transaction with our company and the communication between us. The purpose of its collection is to facilitate the completion of your orders, your invoicing, the delivery, the execution of your orders in general, the attendance of your requests as well as the dispatching via e-mail a newsletter relevant to our products and services. Personal data collected by the company at the stage of account creation are utterly relevant, appropriate and not more than those necessary for carrying out transactions through our online store and services offered by our Company. We inform you that you maintain your legal right to be informed according to article 11 of Law No. 2472/1997, and the right of access to your data according to article 12 of Law No. 2472/1997, as well as the right to raise objections at any time regarding the processing of data relevant to you according to article 13 of Law No. 2472/1997.

Our company does not communicate your personal data to any third party with the exceptions of:

i) data relating to the execution and clearing of electronic payments by credit card which are carried out by our trusted partners – financial institutions which are following all appropriate security procedures to safeguard your information and

ii) data which is absolutely necessary for the execution of your order (transport, storage, etc.) by the cooperating with us companies. However, the entirety of your data is protected and managed in accordance with the terms and rules of Greek law, in particular Law No. 2472/1997 and our company follows strictly all of the rules adopted by the relevant legislative framework. Under the above legislation, the data kept by our company may be disclosed to third parties, to the competent authorities, prosecutors or other administrative services only in accordance with the rules and provisions laid down in the relevant regulatory framework. Also, the entirety of your data, details and transactions is governed by the principles of confidentiality of communications (electronic and otherwise) and trade and all appropriate measures are taken to protect and safeguard the confidentiality of these during transmission and/or and execution of transactions. The entirety of the details you dispatch to our company is managed exclusively by specifically authorized staff under the company’s control and only upon its order. In order to process your details the company has chosen persons with appropriate professional skills in relation to technical knowledge and personal integrity for the observance confidentiality. Given the fact that during the account creation the user chooses the password they shall use in order to access their account, the latter is obliged not to give his password to third parties and to change it regularly. The company reserves its rights for any damage caused to it by liable violation of the above obligations of the website’s user.

Finally, in order to complete the ordering procedure, you provide your explicit and unreserved consent for the dispatch of automated or personalized e-mails to the e-mail address and/or the mobile phone specified by you, as well as for any telephone communication from employees of our company at the numbers you have specified.

e) Newsletters

During the submission procedure of your order, we offer you the option to receive information on offers and new products via e-mail as well as receive the flip2store.gr newsletter via email. In the case that you make the above choice, you provide us your explicit consent for us to use your e-mail address to dispatch the above. The company reserves the right not to proceed with the user’s registration in the e-newsletter recipients’ list as well as the right to delete a user from it, without justification, without penalty and without an obligation of prior notification. You may object to this receiving of messages at any time.

F) Cookies

The company uses “cookies”, which is software that allows it to collect information, regarding among others the choices and actions of users of its webpage, the Content to which they are granted access, the user’s url, the time spent on the website. The above information may then be used by the Company in order to send to the user targeted information as well as for reasons related to the website’s improvement. Cookies are small information files that a website (the web server more specifically) stores in the computer of a user, so that every time the user logs into the website the website may recover this information and offer the user the corresponding services. In accepting the present terms, the user explicitly declares that they have read and understood completely the specific conditions and the terms regarding the installation, operation and purpose served by cookies and then provide their specific, explicit, free and updated consent for the installation of cookies, the collection of personal information, which are specifically mentioned above as regards their use by the company for the aforementioned purposes. The user maintains the right to recall its aforementioned consent at any time and/or to deactivate the relevant settings regarding the installation of cookies through the browser they use to access the Web. However, bear in mind that without cookies you will not be able to take full advantage of all of our Website’s features.

For more information on the management of cookies by your provider, please visit the respective link below:

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